Saturday, September 10, 2011

Culture Magazine

Last week I received the first edition of Culture Magazine in the mail. It is a magazine put together by the Canberra Centre, on behalf of the retailers.

In the past I've been disappointed by mall magazines, but this one was really quite lovely. I think what really sold me was that they actually shot their main spread 'The art of fashion' in Canberra, and at two of my favorite places...The National Gallery of Australia, and the National Portrait Gallery.

The photos are really lovely, I just wish I knew who the photographer was because there doesn't seem to be a credit anywhere that I can find.

I did a quick painting of their cover outfit, although I only had poor quality watercolors and photocopy paper on hand, so here is the result.
Once I got home I did another take, this time on better quality paper using my regular watercolors. What do you think?

The magazine is going to provide me with inspiration for several weeks I suspect, as it is crammed full of beautiful fashion and accessories. And I'm already looking forward to the next edition!


  1. Hi,

    I saw this post on Canberra Centre's facebook. Love your work! Art mimicing life, mimicing art!

    I can tell you that the photographer was Robert Earp ( and the creative agency behind the brand and campaign is Cyclone Advertising (

    love your work!
    christian v

  2. Thanks Christian, I'll take a look at those links!

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